Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello ITIL 2011

Hi there! welcome to this blog you just landed on sector ITIL the place of guidance on how to pass your 2011 exam to boost your career, be able to help in your organization and add value to your existence within your company. I am not yet certified but I am sure that if you follow these guides, read and understand as well as practice all the information provided here you will be one successful ITIL practitioner and oh our goal is to pass the latest ITIL Exam 2011. I have not been working for a while and so I thought I would go into this ITIL stuff and make myself more attractive, competitive and skillful once I have decided to look for a job. I have set a goal to get certified in several technologies such as ORACLE, UNIX, JAVA and of course ITIL. Why ITIL? well most if not all companies now are applying best practices and for to us to stay competitive in the market we need to at least understand the concept of it and be able to apply it once we join a company and this is highly seek for by companies now a days. But of course it's not just about the title we have to make sure that if they ask about what we know about it, we should be able to answer them don't we? Right so enough babbling Let's talk about what exactly you need to know to pass the ITIL 2011 EXAM!!!

Go on to my next post I will talk about what you need to learn in order to for you to get an idea what to read and learn to pass the exam!
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  • Hi Team,

    I am unable to find the POSTS from 02-3 to 10-1 mentioned in the Syllabus section. Please help.

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